You practice veterinary medicine.
We manage animal hospitals.
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Your hospital means the world to you. It’s been your life’s work and a labor of love. Now, you need a plan for the future. And that’s where Community Veterinary Partners comes in.

CVP works with veterinarian owners, like you, who want to continue running the medical side of their practices, but want help with the day-to-day administrative and team management tasks. We’ll help you create a long-term strategy and a sustainable way for your practice to continue thriving — well into the future.

We handle things like payroll, accounting, human resources, staff leadership, and marketing, just to name a few.

With your guidance and collaboration we’ll work to uphold the values that you built into your practice. The benefits of CVP are extensive and lasting  — completely tailored to you.

Simply put, CVP will work with you on business management and help you create a sustainable plan for the future. You’ll find yourself with more time, more money and the ability to focus on what you love most.

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