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Mentorship makes all the difference, and that difference means the world.

journeys are always better with friends. our mentorship program ensures that no matter where you are in your career, you have a community that knows you and celebrates all you have to offer.

At CVP, we’re committed to fulfilling our name by creating a thriving community of pet care professionals working in partnership to deliver extraordinary pet care. Our veterinarians lead the way not just individually but also collectively.

CVP’s VetFWD Mentorship Program is designed to foster genuine, helpful relationships and includes a personal and professional focus. The career-long program meets our veterinarians where they are in their journey. Whether you’re just starting as a veterinary student colleague or are an experienced practitioner ready to share your wisdom with others, VetFWD puts you on a path to leaving a leadership legacy from the moment you join the CVP community.

career-long program designed to meet you where you are in your career and put you on a path to leadership.
leap (Veterinary Student Colleagues)
  • put your passion to work. work alongside seasoned veterinary professionals delivering unparalleled patient and client care with uncompromising compassion. experience firsthand what it’s like to be part of our family as a cvp student colleague.
  • get the support you need. improve and enhance your technical, leadership, and problem solving skills through hands-on, clinical work.
  • find your fit. experience your host-clinic’s unique culture, the culture of the cvp community, and the industry, helping you get more familiar with what you want in your future career.
  • make the most of your summer & beyond. collaborate with fellow colleagues through online meet-n-greets and attend local veterinary medical continuing education events as available.
catapult (Recent Grads to 2-Years)
  • connect with a community of other doctors while being supported and guided
  • advance key clinical skills to practice your best medicine
  • learn through hands-on training at one of the country’s leading wet labs
  • acquire best practices to pursue personal wellbeing
  • develop knowledge and skills around personal finance
  • gain effective communication skills for interacting with clients and team members
  • foster connections through peer groups from across the cvp community
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excel (2-5yrs of experience)
  • become a trusted advisor as you invest in welcoming and developing new graduates and students into the profession.
  • learn what it takes to run a hospital and lead a veterinary team
  • explore diverse career paths through our expanding network of specialty practices
  • refine your clinical and interpersonal skills in a thriving, growing community of experienced doctors
guide (5+ Years of Experience)
  • find meaning in sharing your vet med experiences and learnings with curious new graduates
  • cultivate a legacy of care, compassion, and helpfulness by investing in others through mentorship
  • experience joy as you watch younger career professionals leverage your guidance and find success
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hear from others like you
  • "When you first graduate, there is much more pressure and stress than anyone expects. Having gained the mentor relationship during my time as a CVP Student Colleague, I felt better prepared for what to expect after graduation. It’s not just about the medicine, but about the personal and emotional support and always having access to the guidance I needed when a challenge arose. Fostering those relationships made my post-grad experience very positive."

    Dr. Rachel Pound, Associate Veterinarian Paradise Animal Hospital | Past CVP Student Colleague
  • "The goal of mentorship is relationship building. That's really what it's about. Since each individual comes to our practices with different interests and areas where they need greater confidence, it was really important that CVP build a program that's customizable and flexible."

    Dr. Laura Strong, CVP Owner/Seller CVP Director of University Relations
  • "So many times in the hospitals where I worked, I didn't feel like I was valued by them. I felt I was just filling a niche, and that if I messed up, I wasn't important. It's hard enough coming out of school trying to figure out how to make diagnoses, take all the stuff you learned and translate it to the every day, communicating with clients, and ensuring you come across as knowing what you're talking about. Mentorship is absolutely essential. CVP’s program enables this mentorship and ensures new associates have the support ..."

    Dr. Karen Pearson, Lead Veterinarian Paradise Animal Hospital
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