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When you discover your people, everything just clicks. It's why we think your career and our community go hand-in-paw.

benefits of being part of our community

We know great care doesn’t just happen on its own. Care comes to life when people as passionate as you have the tools, the support and the environment to achieve the incredible. At CVP, every team member gets what they need to do what they love.

CVP embraces the different cultures and styles of our practices and we look forward to helping you find your perfect place.

deliver great care

  • Decisions on medical care made at the hospital level
  • Opportunities to participate in clinical trials
  • Support from Medical and Operations Advisory Boards providing you access to peer connections outside of your home hospital
  • Vet Tech and Team Member Training and Career Paths so the team that supports you continues to be the best they can be
grow your career
  • VetFWD mentorship program, designed for your lifelong career.
  • Access to free all-access online RACE-approved CE platform.
  • Leadership development begins the day you start your career with CVP.
  • Investment opportunities so you can reap a financial reward for your commitments to helping our community continue to grow.

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take care of yourself & your family
  • Minimum of six weeks paid parental leave
  • Access to 24/7 mental health support
  • Flexible schedules
  • True paid time off with no negative accrual
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hear from others like you
  • "I’ve actually worked for other corporations, and what I like about CVP is that they have a fairly hands-off approach. You're not forced to follow a cookbook to practice. They recognize that that's not how veterinary medicine works - it's ever changing with different budgets, different patients, different species. I really like practicing how I want to practice, but also having guidelines and standards. CVP has a medical advisory board that provides feedback and is a huge advocate of practices becoming AAHA accredited. ..."

    Dr. Andrea Crum, Lead Veterinarian Eastside Animal Hospital
  • "My hospital joined the CVP community in 2018. After managing the hospital as a private practice, my team and I were nervous about the partnership and assumed big changes were ahead. During the transition process, I spent time with the CVP transition team and CVP leadership who offered support through the initial stages and helped to ease our concerns. After many conversations and time spent, I learned that our team, and ultimately, our hospital, were in great hands and gained access to benefits and resources we wouldn’t have ..."

    Brooke Lytle, Field Integration Manager Former Practice Manager at Leesville Animal Hospital
  • "Being a doctor within the CVP community is great. They allow their practices to retain a lot of individuality and Doctors are able to practice the medicine they know and like and can tailor it to their clients."

    Dr. Rachel Pound, Associate Veterinarian Paradise Animal Hospital
  • "For me personally, I appreciate working with my CVP regional director and having that additional support. Especially during COVID and all the state shutdowns, having that support and those personal relationships was invaluable. CVP has been absolutely wonderful in helping us navigate these unprecedented challenges."

    Dr. Karen Pearson, Lead Veterinarian Paradise Animal Hospital
  • "CVP maintains medical freedom for their veterinary hospitals and provides business and financial support. They allow room for conversations about needs, conflicts, and other intricate dialogue. If we have a need at the hospital for some new technology or improvement there are clear-cut pathways at CVP for achieving these collaboratively. CVP is a company that allows for human engagement, and that is crucial in our profession."

    Dr. Emily Elliot, Lead Veterinarian Chippens Hill Animal Hospital
  • "For anyone looking for a career change, first and foremost, if you want to be the best you can be, if you want someone that’s going to support you, push you to learn things – you have to get out of your comfort zone. But, if you want someone that’s going to give you the skills, motivation, training, and just utmost respect – CVP is where you need to go for it."

    DeAnn Thompson, Practice Manager Bridge City Animal Hospital
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