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  • What does career progression look like at CVP?

    CVP developed a mentorship program designed to foster relationships that are genuine, long-lasting, and well-rounded.

    This program will help you:

    • Recognize the importance of your own personal wellbeing
    • Learn best practices that encourage a healthy wellbeing
    • Develop knowledge and skills around personal finance
    • Learn effective communication best practices with clients and team members
    • Advance key clinical skills to practice your best medicine

    This will ultimately lead to your career progression and growth within the CVP community.

  • What if I want to go into a specialty but my hospital does not offer it? Can I start that service?
    Yes! We encourage our veterinarians and their teams to practice their best medicine and if that means branching out into a new focus and leading the way, you are supported to do so.
  • Is it possible to work in another CVP hospital at any time or in the future?

    Yes, if you find that another hospital meets your need whether because of location, specialty, or your career path, CVP is happy to help place you where you will thrive within our community.

  • What benefits are available to support me and my family?

    CVP believes in going beyond essential benefits like health, dental, vision, and life. We also offer 401k with match, paid parental leave for all parents, free 24/7 mental health support for all team members, and flexible compensation structures including no negative accruals for pro-sal veterinarians so you can truly enjoy your time off.

  • How do I find a practice that fits my areas of interest?

    The University Relations team will get to know you and what your interests are and place you into a hospital(s) that will meet your needs. We are here to make sure you get the best possible experience. After all, you are the next generation of veterinary professionals!

  • What areas of clinical interest are available?

    Small animal medicine and surgery, small animal clinical trials, avian, exotics, and wildlife animal medicine, mixed animal, equine, and a wide variety of specialties such as cardiology, opthalhmolog, ER/CC, and more. 

  • How can I learn more about what’s available to students?

    Dr. Laura Strong, Director of University Relations at CVP is always happy to talk with students about their needs:

  • Are student opps truly hands on?

    YES! We encourage as much hands-on experience as possible and encourage students to grow and gain skills based on their goals. We meet students where they are so we’re always ready and willing to help you grow to the next level.

  • Do you provide housing during externship experiences?

    Pending practice and program, housing and/or travel stipends may be available.

  • What is VetTogether?

    VetTogether is an all-expenses-paid trip to Philadelphia, home of the CVP Support Center, where Student Colleagues get to connect with each other, with CVP support center team members, and have fun exploring the city of brotherly love. All meals, lodging, and transportation are included.

  • Are your veterinary student externships paid?

    Unless a student is part of an official CVP program, they do not get paid, however we still welcome students to contact a hospital and ask for an unofficial externship to shadow and/or get experience on their own.

  • What type of clinical year externship opportunities does CVP provide?

    We have a robust clinical affiliate program as well as externship offerings that meet your academic requirements for graduation. The CVP University Relations program is flexible and can be customized to meet students’ needs.

  • Can I participate with more than one CVP hospital while in the Student Colleague Program?

    Yes, students have the opportunity to gain experience in multiple CVP hospitals, depending on location, specialty, and timing that works best.

  • Can I participate in an externship regarding a specialty?

    Yes, The CVP community includes many specialty hospitals including ER/CC, Equine, Ophthalmology, and much more!

  • What is the CVP Student Colleague Program?

    Our eight-week Student Colleague Program is designed to give veterinary students an immersive, hands-on experience at hospital sites specifically chosen for their interest in teaching future generations of veterinarians. Students can rotate hospitals if they want to try different specialties or locations as well.

  • How Are the Benefits Better for My Staff & Myself?

    Your staff will have access to a larger suite of comprehensive benefits that goes beyond the essentials, including paid parental leave, support for mental health, and 401k with CVP match, just to name a few. Oftentimes, essential benefits such as health and dental are provided at a lower cost to employees.

  • What Does Recruiting Look Like for My Hospital Under CVP? Do I Have a Say in the Hiring Process?

    CVP will never place someone in your hospital without your approval. All hospitals are unique, and you ultimately decide if someone fits within the culture of your hospital. The CVP recruiting team works in tandem with your PM or hiring manager to get the right people in the right places.

  • What Is the Profile of a CVP Hospital?

    All CVP hospitals are focused on delivering the best care possible to patients and compassion to all clients. They have solid reputations within their local communities and support the well-being of their staff.

  • What Will Happen to My Staff If I Sell to CVP?

    We partner with you in part because of your staff and are committed to keeping your current team intact. Your team maintains their existing compensation model and is provided access to the same attractive benefits package available to all CVP employees.

  • Who Do I Contact to Get Additional Information About Selling My Hospital & Becoming a Part of CVP?

    You may contact our Business Development Team by email at

  • Can I Still Refer to the Specialist that I Currently Refer to?

    Yes, you will be able to refer to anyone, and you will continue to work with the partners you have developed relationships with over time.

  • Can I Use the Suppliers & Labs That I Am Currently Using?

    Generally, yes, we have agreements in place with most suppliers and are a member of VMG. We do have exclusive agreements with an industry-leading lab supplier that provides greater benefits for our practices and may ask you to transition to them once your current agreement expires.

  • Will The Company Tell Me How to Practice Medicine?

    No, as the veterinarian leader within your hospital you will continue to make the clinical care decisions for your patients, as you always have.

  • Will I Continue to Work If I Sell My Hospital?

    Yes, we look for a reasonable commitment from our owners to continue to work and will work in partnership with you on your succession plan when the time comes. Our goal is to help continue the legacy you have built within your practice long after you join our community.

  • Will You Put a CVP Sign on My Building?

    No, we value the individual brands and cultures our hospitals have built and are committed to maintaining them all. Community Veterinary Partners is a family of individual, community-based practices, and that is part of what makes us so unique.

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