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CPR for the Veterinary Soul

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  • Event Type:Veterinary Wellness

We will look at both veterinary personality types and tendencies as individuals, as well as workplace stressors common in vet med.

We are pleased to partner with Boehringer Ingelheim for the August VetFuel presented by Dr. Carrie Jurney, DVM, DACVIM, CCFP

It's hard to go anywhere in vet med these days without hearing about problems relating to wellness, mental health, and even suicide, but what is really happening? This lecture looks at both veterinary personality types and tendencies as individuals, as well as workplace stressors common in veterinary medicine. For each topic, we will explore the literature surrounding mental wellness and veterinary stressors, with an eye to finding real-world solutions to these problems.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn common personality traits of veterinarians, as well as how these might impact job stress and compensating techniques.
  2. Discuss psychologic distress versus wellbeing problems in veterinary medicine.
  3. Examine stigmas and hurdles to seeking mental healthcare in our profession, in addition to solutions.
  4. Discuss elevated suicide rates and possible solutions, including crisis training and limiting access to controlled substances.
  5. Understand workplace and organizational stressors common in veterinary medicine, with potential solutions.

This session is RACE approved for (1) CE credit hour Veterinarians and Credentialed Vet Technicians.
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Dr. Carrie Jurney, DVM, DACVIM, CCFP

Dr. Carrie Jurney has worked in veterinary medicine for well over 20 years, filling every role in the clinic from kennel attendant to practice owner. She graduated sum ma cum laude from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine and was boarded in neurology after completing a residency at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, she has been based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently the practice owner at Jurney Veterinary Neurology.

Her journey to working on veterinary wellness began in 2015 after helping a coworker through a mental health crisis. Shortly thereafter, she joined the admin team at Not One More Vet (NOMV) and began taking extensive CE courses in crisis intervention and compassion fatigue. She currently has more than 400 hours of training and is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional. She is the current president of NOMV and a founding board member of the 501c3. While Dr. Jurney has worked at NOMV, it has grown to be the largest wellness­focused charity for veterinary wellbeing in the world, with more than 25,000 global members.

When Dr. Jurney is not working at NOMV or in practice, she is wife to Chris, a sculptor, amateur blacksmith, and zookeeper to 2 cats and an oversized dog named Max.

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Community Veterinary Partners would like to thank Boehringer Ingelheim for their partnership and Dr. Jurney for sharing this insightful presentation for this VetFuel event. It is through our industry partnerships that we will be able to expand our horizons, gain valuable knowledge and engage our industry colleagues on these important topics.

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