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Mentorship Really is the Gold Standard

  • Author: Dr. Amanda DeJesus
  • Date Submitted: Oct 14, 2022
  • Category: Mentorship

“ Chippens Hill Animal Hospital”

My advice for new grads is to look for a hospital where you will be mentored, and where they are committed to and passionate about mentorship. You need to align your career goals with the route you take; Whether you go into an associate role right away or into an internship post-grad, there should be mentorship at the forefront of both roads. As a new grad entering the workforce, everyone strives for mentorship, we know our worth coming out of school and we are familiar with the newest science and medicine, but actually practicing that medicine is different, that’s where the mentorship and guidance is so beneficial as a new associate. There is so much more to think about as you graduate like student loans, your next chapter, and more, and having a good mentor helps you through a lot of those challenges and changes. Mentorship really is the gold standard.