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We Were Still Our Same Small-Town Hospital

  • Author: Dr. Amy Nicewonger
  • Date Submitted: Oct 13, 2022
  • Category: Practice Owners/Sellers

“ Alpha Veterinary Services”

We sold to CVP on September 1, 2021 and before that, we started from scratch about seven years ago. I was very committed to my hospital, my staff, and everything that we had created. So, we partnered with CVP because of their partnership qualities. We wanted to keep our same culture, identity, and all the things that we had created. We also live in a small town, so we didn’t want that corporate feel. We wanted everyone to feel like we were still our same small-town hospital. And since we sold to CVP, that definitely has been the case. We have not changed the way we practice medicine and things that are visible to clients, have not changed at all. Really what has happened is behind-the-scenes, in a positive way, things like staff benefits, staff raises, and the support we get from our team at CVP.