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Free Webinars on a Variety of Topics

  • Author: Maura Pfeiffer
  • Date Submitted: Aug 31, 2022
  • Category: Benefits

“ Events & Communications”

I really love that Ginger offers free webinars on a variety of topics. I've attended two, one at lunch and one in the evening, so they’re also very accommodating. One was called, "The Art of Creating Healthy Boundaries," and the other was, "Get Unstuck: Understand What You Need to Feel Motivated." There are 2 speakers + a moderator. One of the speakers is a licensed therapist and the other acts as the "coach." They interact with attendees and offer challenges to be present, check-ins, and polling questions, and my favorite part, downloadable work pages to continue the work and keep learning. I really enjoy them and love that this is something CVP makes available for free.